About Us

For over 31 years, Special Service Plastic has offered custom plastic extrusion services for our customers.

We are a US manufacturer of a wide variety of both rigid and flexible custom extruded plastic products designed to your specifications.  We specialize in ABS, PVC, Styrene, Polyethylene and Polypropylene polymers, and our in-house design and tooling team is available to work with you to ensure our products meet your needs.

Our customers are manufacturers and distributors of products in multiple industries, and range from Fortune 50 companies to small entrepreneurs with big ideas. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and manufacture custom extruded products that are critical components of our customer’s businesses.

Special Service Plastic operates extrusion lines that offer both in-line and off line fabrication and finishing with services such as co-extrusion, sawing, winding, punching, and drilling.

Our adjacent warehouse facility provides our customers with the flexibility to stagger delivery times on large orders and shipments.

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